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History, Incorporated is made up of a team of dedicated Secretary of Interior-qualified professionals. Architectural History and Historic Preservation, History, Landscape Architecture, Archaeology, and Environmental Assessment are among the professional qualifications and areas of technical expertise in which History, Incorporated is experienced.

Our staff of professionals remain active in preservation communities at the grassroots level, as well as regionally and nationally. We have an excellent relationship with all State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPOs) and American Indian Tribes (THPOs), and we are committed to providing open lines of communication between our clients, State and Federal agencies, and local communities and preservation affiliations.

Our knowledge of preservation practices and law, and our passion for interpreting and preserving our historic built environment allow us to provide professional services and high-quality deliverables that best meet the needs of our clients.

Our success is due, in part on the following principles:

INTEGRITY – We are committed to the highest ethical, professional, and work quality standards, and practices.

KNOWLEDGE – We encourage our professionals to remain knowledgeable of evolving preservation policies, theory, practices, and methods through education and training opportunities across the country.

RESPONSIBILITY – We are mindful that clients entrust us with their vision, plans, hard work, and reputation. Taking this trust very seriously, History, Incorporated strives to best meet the needs of our clients while contributing positively and identifiably to their success.

History, Incorporated serves customers in private industry and government. We believe our depth and breadth of experience makes History, Incorporated an excellent choice for your historic preservation needs.


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